Broken Heart Emoji



What is the broken heart emoji?

The broken heart emoji is an emoji (symbol) used to represent heartbreak. It's typically depicated as a heart, broken into two pieces. The broken heart emoji is also sometimes called the heartbreak emoji. The official Unicode name for this symbol, is broken heart.

Where can the broken heart emoji be used?

Almost any modern website, platform, or app! The broken heart emoji is a Unicode character. Unicode is basically a character set that defines text (their are other character sets as well). Most modern systems support and use Unicode, and most support the broken heart emoji. More specifically, you should be able to use this emoji on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp, GroupMe, Kakao talk, e-mails, text messages, iChat, Google Docs, and Microsoft office applications. It can only be used on your on website using the HTML code!

Why does the broken heart emoji look different depending on the platform?

Different vendors (operating systems such as Windows, applications such as Facebook, etc) can choose to display the broken heart emoji in different ways. Let's say I send a broken heart emoji from an iPhone to an Android device. What is actually being sent from one device to the other is an underlying code that represents the broken heart emoji. The vendors themselves (for example Apple, Google, Samsung, etc) can define how the icon that represents this underlying code should look. That's why the broken heart emoji, as well as other emojis, often look different from one platform to another.

What are the HTML codes for the broken heart emoji?

Here are two ways you can write the broken heart emoji in HTML: 💔 or 💔 Both these HTML codes will result in exactly the same broken heart symbol (the second HTML code is simply the base 10 decimal form of the first HTML code which is in base 16 hexadecimal).

What is the Unicode code point for the broken heart emoji?

The Unicode code point for the broken heart emoji, in conventional hexadecimal notation, is U+1F494. The broken heart emoji is part of the Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs Unicode code block, and its official Unicode name is broken heart.

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